Hi, we are Rick and Dianne.  We live in Orange County, California and have been Smooth Jazz fans for years.  We love the music, the artists and the sunshine-filled lifestyle. 
We enjoy going to events such as festivals, shows and wine tastings, yet the fact there is no specialized store where we can find all the good stuff that goes with that has been leaving us increasingly frustrated.
Well, that was then but this is now because a few months ago, drawing on our backgrounds in sales and online marketing (and the help of a few friends), we came up with the perfect solution, The Smooth Jazz Store, the very first one-stop destination for music, merchandise, home décor, home kitchenware, collectibles, limited edition artist collections and exclusive branded clothing.
With plans already in place to extend the store’s offering to events, live shows, and even vacations, The Smooth Jazz Store really is destined to become the place for everything smooth jazz and more.
We have a vision; our store is your store.  We are making the shopping experience quick and we are making it easy, we are making The Smooth Jazz Store the perfect way for fans of the genre from around the world to access the tons of exclusive products and ideas that combine to support smooth jazz as a lifestyle choice.
With shipping from both Europe and the USA, being one of the in-crowd has never been easier.